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Aloe Fit 500ml

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Country Of Origin : India

Aloe Vera juice is a powerful detoxifier, Immunity & Digestion Booster. Quantity - 500ml

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Ayurveda has acclaimed aloe vera plant as a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidant, good enzymes, and a host of immunity booster nutrients. These benefits of aloe vera are harnessed through Aloe fit, the best aloe vera juice, made entirely of natural aloe vera pulp and is packed with abundant nutrients to promote glowing skin, perfect digestion, and overall health. 

Aloevera Juice is an herbal product noted worldwide for its miraculous medicinal properties and extensive health benefits. Since centuries ayurveda has channelled benefits of aloe vera to treat various ailments and strengthen body systems.

Aloe juice is a thick liquid derived from the flesh of aloe vera leaves and is used topically or orally to treat several medical conditions. Packed with good enzymes, aloe juice boosts metabolism and improves digestion. Fortified with different vitamins like, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and entire B group vitamins, it has impressive nutritional value. It also contains core nutritional ingredients including 19 of the 20 amino acids required by the human body.

Aloe vera juice benefits further extend to provide relief from dermal issues like itching, burning and skin inflammation. Its high anti-oxidant content serves as the best natural antiaging remedy. With amazing anti-viral and immunity boosting properties, aloe juice is rightfully considered the finest general health tonic.




Aloe fit is composed of natural, pure and fresh pulp of aloe vera leaves. We ensure to collect leaves of only Barbadensis Miller species, recognized for their premium quality. Aloefit is 100 % pure and does not contain any artificial flavours, preservatives, or sugar

How to Consume:

Aloefit aloe Vera juice is best-consumed 15ml to 30 ml, empty stomach twice a day. For best results mix it in a glass of lukewarm water for consumption. 


Aloe fit is very high in nutritional value and offers following advantages if consumed regularly.

1. Improves Immunity- In todays lifestyle we are clouded with chemicals, artificial flavours, and various pollutants. This impacts our immunity, and our body becomes weak and vulnerable towards numerous diseases. Aloe vera juice improves our immunity and detoxifies the body. Presence of high levels of antioxidants and anti inflammatory nutrients in juice causes production of nitric oxide and cytokines in the cell, thus helping to strengthen immunity multifold. Simultaneously, it flushes out the toxins from the body which could otherwise damage our vital organs like liver, heart, kidney and pancreas.

2. Weight Loss Benefits: Regular consumption of aloefit works wonders towards weight loss. It not only melts stubborn fat tissues, but also slows down the process of further fat deposition. Aloefit helps you reach your desired weight easily and quickly. Complement your weight loss program with 15ml Aloefit mixed in a glass of hot water, consumed empty stomach in the morning, and lose weight in an effective, natural and healthy way.

3. Arthritis Cure: Arthritis is no more considered a disease related to only old age. Our current life style and pathetic nutritional habits have engulfed even middle aged in this painful disorder. Aloefit, with its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties provides great relief from bone pain. According to a study conducted recently, aloe vera juice is extremely effective in treating osteoarthritis and with its regular intake you can also prevent the onset of arthritis till an extent. Aloe vera juice uses are effective for all age groups.

4. Diabetes Treatment: Diabetes is caused due to imbalance in the glucose level in the body and can lead to several critical disorders, if left untreated. Aloefit has a natural element called Acemannan  which creates hypoglycemic effect, and lowers glucose level naturally. Aloefit effectively curtail both, type one and type 2 diabetes and keep sugar level well in control.

5. Reduces cholesterol: Increased cholesterol levels in body can lead to several medical disorders like obesity and cardiac diseases. Regular intake of aloe Vera juice can help the control cholesterol level in our body, hereby preventing diseases like hypertension, astherosclerosis, fatty liver and obesity.

6. Improve Digestion: Aloe fit is enriched with several good compounds that acts as laxative. Regular consumption of aloevera  juice eases bowel movements and helps in Constipation. it has good intestinal bacteria that might even provide relief in stomach ulcer. Patients of piles can also benefit with the use of aloe Vera juice.

7. Contains Antioxidant: Aloefit is fortified with rich antioxidants that help to prevent body from free radicals, also termed as oxidative stress. Studies suggest that high level of free radicals are instrumental in increasing the risk of several critical health conditions like cardiac disorders and a few types of cancers.

8. Anti-Aging Benefits: Aloefit also has multidimensional anti aging benefits. The aloe Vera juice contains a host of antioxidants such as vitamin C,  vitamin E, and Beta carotene, which keep skin well hydrated, soft and glowing besides checking fine lines and wrinkles. As it works to purify blood, it removes nails, pimples and pigmentation from the face. Research says aloe Vera juice contains collagen boosting nutrients which improves skin elasticity  and delays aging significantly.

9. May improve dental and oral Health. Some studies suggest that aloe Vera juice has antimicrobial properties and this can be helpful in treatment of certain dental and oral conditions. In a research persons suffering from an oral disorder, submucous fibrosis, which causes chronic pain and inflammation in mouth, were found to benefit from regular consumption of Aloe Vera juice. 

Precautions: Children under 12 years of age, person suffering from some chronic disorder and pregnant women should take it only after doctor consultation

To Avoid: Aloefit serves multiple purposes. To harness full benefits of Aloefit, compliment it with a balanced diet and good lifestyle. for the purpose of weight loss, avoid excessive amount of sugar oily and stale food while consuming aloevera juice. for best results avoid consumption of alcohol completely. 

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