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Vata Cure

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Country Of Origin : India

Pain Relief Oil is Ayurvedic oil for joint pain, It’s useful for any kind of Joint Pain. Quantity - 100ml

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Vata Cure is a miraculous joint pain massage oil made with exclusive herbs and potent medicinal plants, blended in accordance with the ancient ayurveda texts. Vata cure joint pain massage oil provides immediate relief from muscular pain, joint pain, sciatica, paralysis, headache and back pain. Fortified with the benefits of ten effective herbs, Vata cure is a boon for people who are unable to perform normal functions of life due to their joint and muscular pain.

Aging, irregular lifestyle, poor dietary habits and long sitting hours have made joint pain a very common problem. Elderly people, overweight individuals, women over 40 years and people involved in heavy workouts are most vulnerable to joint and muscular problems. This can surface as pain, cramps or inflammation.  

Joint pain is commonly caused by arthritis, tenderness of joint or arthralgia which is inflammation in the joint or simple swelling. The pain though a discomfort in itself, makes the life miserable by making the bodily movements difficult and painful. In such cases Vata Cure, the best Ayurvedic joint pain massage oil works as a blessing of Ayurveda.

Composed of 10 precious herbs, this exclusive joint pain oil is prepared by the ancient ksheer paak method, which is best recommended by Ayurveda to harness maximum benefits of the highly potent herbs used as ingredients. 


The key ingredients of this ayurvedic joint pain massage oil are : 

  1. Til Tailam: Ancient Ayurveda, as well as traditional Taiwani medicinal system, has been using til tailam or sesame oil as a medicine for joint pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduces swelling and curtails the pain.
  2. Kapur: Kapur or Camphor is found to reduce pain by stimulating nerve ending, when topically applied on painful area.
  3. Tarpin Tailam : Tarpin tailam reduces inflammation and brings natural warmth to the skin.
  4. Neegiri tailam: neelgiri tailam or eucalyptus oil is famed to contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a suitable medicine for joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis.
  5. Saras Beej: Saras beej are used to reduce inflammation in joint pain and arthritis.
  6. Gulthiriya Tailam: Gulthariya tailam or winter green essential oil is considered a miraculous medicine for joint pain. This joint pain oil has exclusive antirheumatic, analgesic and antiarthritic properties.
  7. Daalchini Tailam: Dalchini tailam or Cinnamon oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. It also slows down activity of osteoclasts( bone cells hampering bone tissues).
  8. Lobhan Fool: It is very effective in treating arthritis and related symptoms.
  9. Ajwain Phool: Ajwain phool or carrom seeds ease swelling and pain. It has effective anti-inflamatory benefits and it also combats bacteria and fungi.
  10. Pudina Tailam: Pudina tailam or mint oil relieves pain and brings a cool sensation when applied topically.

How To Use:

Heat the joint pain oil on a low flame till it is lukewarm. Massage the painful area for 15 minutes twice a day. This Ayurvedic joint pain oil brings favourable results within 5 to 7 days.

For patients suffering from sciatica and paralysis, it is advised to use Vata Cure pain relief oil regularly for 3 to 4 months to achieve satisfactory and sustainable results. This Ayurvedic pain oil is effective for any type of joint pain. As this is an ayurvedic formulation it has absolutely no side effects.



Vata Cure oil is the best ayurvedic joint pain oil which is a result of great innovation blended with the wisdom of ancient ayurveda. Fortified with 10 potent herbs this joint pain oil provides effective, quick and sustainable relief from all kinds of joint pain, muscular pain, arthritic pain and sciatica pain.


Vata Cure pain relief oil is recommended for only topical usage as a few herbs might contain slightly toxic properties. After application wash hands properly and ensure to keep it away from the reach of children.

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